Maybe I’ve Found What I’m Looking For?

Long before they were tormenting teenagers and conspiracy theorists with the gift of free music, U2 provided a substantial portion of the soundtrack for my high school existence. “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” was one of my favorites by far. I really identified with that ongoing pursuit for what you know must be “out there.”

I loved this song so much I even convinced a high school girlfriend that it should be “our song,” which in hindsight was one of the more ridiculous choices of an adolescence riddled with ridiculous choices. I mean, what young lady wants her boyfriend to suggest he’s still looking around for who may finally the ONE? Was it me dooming this relationship or recognizing it was already doomed?


I sense you pulling away! This is not the kind of blog where I navel-gaze and ruminate on my teen years and the requisite angst that comes with that time. This is the kind of blog where I tell you that I may have finally found (a) thing I’ve been looking for.

Monday was my first day at the Houston site for The Iron Yard. Soon I will learn more than I ever knew existed about Ruby/Rails, and I will still barely scratch the surface. But for now I’m just looking forward to twelve weeks of pain and torture with the promise of gaining actual real-world marketable skills at the end.

I put in my notice at my old job last Monday and worked through Friday. I stored/threw away/donated/left most of my life in Baton Rouge, grabbed some clothes and books and whatever would fit in my car and drove straight to Houston yesterday night. I rolled into Houston around 2AM Sunday night/Monday morning and 7 1/2 hours later I was seated in a converted garage/warehouse listening to John welcome us to a new life of web development.

And I feel totally great about it. This is how I know I might have found something I’ve been looking for. I want to be challenged, I want to engage and jump into something wholeheartedly. I also have to say I’d really like to be rewarded for meeting those challenges, even if it’s just knowing I came out and conquered something instead of being scared and only doing what I already know I can do.

And trust me, yesterday was a bit of a challenge. I haven’t touched anything Ruby or even Terminal related in weeks trying to prep for the move, and it showed. Not that I had done anything but putz around with it anyway. I’ll try to alternate between the pragmatic and the personal on this blog, so I’ll have a lot more to say on this theme later, but I wanted to start by saying I’m really feeling inspired this evening.

I want to write this down now for when I’m hating life and searching for that one line in a thousand with “puts” spelled “putts” or something equally mundane/maddening. I also wan to remind myself that these next few weeks are part of my whole life. I don’t intend to stop writing when the class is through, so this is just the beginning of a lifelong process of reflection, learning, and honing a craft.