Not Abandoned!

Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog. I’ve been writingalmost every day, but more for personal growth than sharing. I’ve also been in a season of interviewing with different places for jobs, and honestly I feel weird talking about those. Maybe nobody minds, but even though everything I would write would be some variation of, “Interviewed with this place! They seem awesome! Can’t wait to hear back!” it just feels weird to me to include people who didn’t ask to be included in the blog.

I’ve been in a sort of blog limbo, writing mainly about my daily life, but then my daily life is filled with interactions with people I don’t know well enough to include in my blog. So, until I’ve sorted out this employment mess, I will probably just be writing based off of daily prompts either from the community or prompts found out in the wild. Either way, this blog is something I really enjoy writing, so I’ll keep it up!