Treat Yo Head Right

For the past few months, I’ve been in a season of “push push push!” I’ve accomplished a lot and really set myself up for this to be my most productive year (in almost any way of measuring) in a long time. But with all the pushing I’ve also had some times where my body just flat out decided it was time to stop pushing, whether I agreed with that assessment or not.

Something I came across last week that I wish I would have found a few months ago is Headspace. I know that “meditation” is a word that conjures up a lot of weird associations for people, but when you say, “sitting still and silent for ten minutes in order to learn how to be present and not so distracted during the day” it all of a sudden sounds like a thing everyone wishes they could do.

If you’re having some stress or anxiety issues (basically I mean, “if you’re a human being”), give their app a try and let the technological marvel that is your smartphone teach you how to do something people have been doing for thousands of years.