Pub, Pubs, Publish

I built a picture sharing app as an exercise a little while ago, but it never turned out the way I wanted. I detailed my problems with this app earlier, but I solved all of the problems and still didn’t like a few things about it. So I scrapped it and started over.

It was amazing how quickly it went this time. I caught a snippet of code I missed before and was able to add new features. There really is so much wisdom in the “wax on, wax off” philosophy of just practicing, practicing, and practicing. It seems like all I’m doing is going back through codeschool, building stuff for practice of for my portfolio, sending out resumes, and interviewing (where’s the time to write???).

So, here’s what I built over the weekend: BrewPinting. Just a sample, but I think it’s going to be the car in my garage I tinker with for a few weeks, adding features and refining style. Seems like I’m getting a lot of front-end hits in my job search, so I’ll look at adding some JS magic as well.