Commit and Schmidt

The temperature in Louisiana has been alternating between the 80s and 30s, so nobody knows whether it’s time to layer up or throw on the shorts and hit the park. Today was nice and sunny, but as soon as the sun went down I started making GitHub commits and fiddling with refining projects. When your office is your laptop, it’s too tempting to have access to everything you’ve been obsessing about when you’re supposed to be enjoying a beautiful day and watching LSU basketball and baseball.

But fear not! It’s not all work, I have come from the internet mountaintop to tell you about the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m not really going to devote hundreds of words to the show, I’ll just say it takes decidedly dark subject and finds genuine comedy and hope, which is like catnip for me. It’s also co-created/written by Tina Fey, also my catnip.

What spurred me to write about it, though, was the show’s tagline: “Life Begins When the World Doesn’t End.” I think this is basically the theme of Turning Pro restated. When you’ve gone through it all, tried to find solace or happiness in all the things that you know won’t bring them, or been stuck in a situation not even of your own making. It’s time to start your life. (Actually, no matter what, go ahead and start living your life now).