Myths of the Muse and the Creative “Class” has an interesting article today on Demystifying the Muse: Five Creativity Myths You Should Stop Believing. The TL;DR version (but you really should read it) of the five myths are:

  1. Creativity Is Something You’re Born With
  2. You Can’t Control When Inspiration Will Strike
  3. You Can’t Learn to Be Creative
  4. Creativity Happens in Isolation (the Myth of the Lone Creator)
  5. Creativity Comes to Those with the Time and Means

I want to keep up a theme I’m trying to advance on this blog, which is a deflating the word “creative” from the lofty heights of Picasso or Steve Jobs or pick whichever amazing artist/visionary you want. Try to remember that creative isn’t a title or separate class of person, it’s a quality you imbue your life with.

I don’t know if these myths are from people who want to keep potential creatives out of the club, or from people who gave up too soon and want a reason for why they never succeeded in their dreams. But I do know that most of us go through life doing a lot of things we don’t even think about, much less imbue with love and labor (to borrow form Steven Pressfield). Just a thought for today.