Knee deep in application- and resume-sending, so just a short one for today. In thinking about a good example of consistency and creativity, one of the first people who came to mind was Scott Kurtz and his web-published comic strip, PVP. I’ve been reading PVP at least weekly for a dozen years and he’s been writing it in one form or another for almost 17 years.

Of course, when I went to the site today, they have a guest artist for the week, haha, but it’s a testimony to Kurtz that even when he takes a break, he makes sure content is still being produced. I’ve watched him as PVP developed from side-project/labor of love that he produced three times a week to producing content five times a week and moving his wife from Texas to Seattle to make PVP his full-time gig.

Scott is a real inspiration to all of us who want to dedicate our lives to something awesome. His strip is great, but honestly I can see that the key to his success is consistency. Webcomics have come and gone, new artists have hit it big (contextually big, but still big), and Scott just kept producing content. Over and over, year in and year out, he showed up and shared content.

There’s no secret to success. Show up. Do the work. Share the work. Repeat. Keep doing this, and you’ll be amazed at how many “lucky coincidences” start happening to you.

Check out PVP and if you’re a D&D nerd, check out Kurtz’s other comic, Table Titans. Enjoy!