Vacation All I Really Wanted

Photograph from Rula Sibai on

Still no job so it’s not time to celebrate just yet, but I’m filing away ideas about vacations to come. Give me a park bench in the Fall and let me people-watch, read, and chat with strangers (for very short, controlled periods of time, haha), and I’m pretty much satisfied. I’ve started applying to jobs all over the US and even overseas, so who knows where I end up.

I love this picture, though, because it’s what I love about a “city.” Can you combine the necessity of concrete urbanism with little pockets of peace and respite? Are you thinking about the people of your city enough to build retreats from the chaos and traffic? If you’re in one of these cities are you seeking these places out or are you slowly letting the tension sit in your shoulders until you’re hunching up for no reason?

Once I’m employed, I’ll be moving into debt repayment hyperdrive, so these are my vacation dreams. A little peace and quiet, just outside the edge of the hustle and bustle so I don’t get too comfortable just yet. If you walk by and see me, come say hello and people-watch with me. It’s really the best.