I Don’t Have 1,000 Words, I Hope This Will Do

IMG_0443I’m signed up for another blog workshop: Five Days to More Engaging Content, focusing more on the visual aspect of my blogging. I’ll be honest, this is not my strong suit. I have friends that are amazing visual artists (am I using that phrase right?), so it’s easy for me to just focus on the words and the ideas and let the professionals handle the heavy lifting. But I didn’t come here to not learn stuff, so here we go.

Today I’m applying to jobs and sitting at a little cafe in downtown Houston called Tout Suite. It’s a dreary afternoon and that called for some grilled cheese with avacado and a little salad. “Where’s the soup?” you ask? Woah woah woah! I just said I’m job hunting, I don’t have “soup money” to be throwing around like a freaking Rockefeller!

OK, back to the job hunt. Here a few pics of Tout Suite for Lagniappe: