NOLA Hackers Doin’ Just Fine

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.39.32 PM

I realized I never updated about going to NOLA Hack Night in New Orleans. If you’ve been around the developer world for a while you’ll know immediately what a “hack night” is, but since this is for the non-hackers as well I’ll explain. Basically, if you’re working on something and stuck or just want some ideas, you can walk into this group and just say, “help!”

There were a few of us first-timers at the group, and the young lady who walked in with me just said, “Hey, who knows ActiveScript with PHP?” and a guy raised his hand and said he started out with that a few years ago and could probably help her. Again, outside of this world, that may seem amazing (because it is), but it’s just a common thing in the development/programming world. It’s just a bunch of people who love solving puzzles hanging out with other people who also love solving puzzles but just happen to be stuck on one with some pieces missing (this metaphor is about to go off the rails so I’m cutting it off here haha).

So if you’re hacking away at something, meet at LaunchPad New Orleans on Tuesday nights around 7PM and there will be some friendly folks to help you out. If you’re not hacking away but just want to talk shop or hang out, Launch Pad happens to be next door to a great bar/restaurant called Capdeville where people I spent the majority of the evening chatting with people. All told there were 20-30 people hanging out and talking shop or working on projects.

You may not know this about New Orleans, but it’s about to blow up tech-wise and is already home to people working for GitHub and Facebook. Again, I’m looking for that first job, so I don’t know exactly where I’ll end up, but I have to tell you, there are far worse places to be than New Orleans if you’re looking for a supportive community of developers who both really want to help you do awesome things and vehemently love their city.

Oh, and I was really bummed that I missed out on a meetup last Thursday night called Front End Party. That’s more presentational and I would have gotten to meet even more great people there. But Houston called and I have some things to tie up here and some jobs to apply to as well!