Do You Know What It Means…

… to miss New Orleans?

I’m in New Orleans this evening, writing and eating one of the best donuts I’ve ever had at District Donuts, Sliders, and Brew on Magazine. I came down to see if I couldn’t meet some folks at the weekly New Orleans Hack Night and get a feel for the web development community here. I tried this once before but either it was cancelled, or I was knocking on the wrong door or something, but either way it was not to be. I’m about to go back to Houston for at least a little while, but before I do I’m applying for two jobs here in New Orleans.

If you haven’t been here, New Orleans is a hard place to explain. If I put New Orleans and Houston side by side to compare objectively, Houston will probably always win. Did you know you can renew your car’s registration at the grocery store in Texas? Did you know you have to bribe three people to be able to vote in a New Orleans election?  OK, the last one is not true, but I will say Houston and its actual functioning society kind of spoiled me. If you’ve ever tried to do business in New Orleans, you’ve had this feeling:

Forget it, Jake. It’s Nolatown.

But there’s no city like New Orleans. It may or may not be the city for me, but it is its own entity, through and through. If you don’t know about brake tags or makin’ groceries, or how to pronounce words like Tchoupitoulas or Burgundy (careful, it’s a trap!), or if all you know about the city is the French Quarter, do yourself a favor and come visit this weird French/Spanish/African/Native American conglomeration.

Now, let’s see if there’s a real developer community here or not. I honestly don’t know.