When Was I Last Scared to Act?

This will be a short one. I don’t have any insights, just a description. Today’s writing prompt over at the talk.desk.pm forum is a pretty easy one:

Tell us a story about a time when you were scared to act.

When was I last scared to act? Right. Freaking. Now. haha

I just broke a project I was tweaking for my portfolio. It is the LAST piece of the puzzle to the minimum viable product version of my site so I can finally send out some resumes. It’s 11:45 PM, and my rake db:rollback or db:drop or any number of rake commands are doing me no good. A relation is duplicating from a table that doesn’t exist.

If you don’t understand the exact words I just wrote, you still know the feeling. There’s a safety net in rails to make sure you can fix what you break, but that net has given way and my newbie-ness is showing big time. The week is almost over, it’s time to act.

I have three contacts I have set as goals to send my portfolio to tomorrow. Ready or not, it’s going out into the world by noon (but I really want it to be ready). Do I pack it up and try again in the morning or do I push through tonight? I’ll let you know what I decided tomorrow.