Let’s Get a 2nd Pair of Eyes on This

Not a lot of time to blog today, making some bigger strides towards getting that first job. Today I sat with a friend of mine who’s a full time developer and who let me quiz him on some day-to-day aspects of the job. He also gave me some great feedback on my portfolio and just some tips overall when applying and talking to potential employers.

Then we spent a long time catching up and talking about life and podcasts I need to listen to so we can talk about them. You know you’re with true nerds when you have a conversation about listening to an hour-long discussion so you can get back together and have another conversation, haha. Baton Rouge has really provided me with a great community and I’m really going to miss them.

Wherever I end up, I think I’ll always have a soft spot for this are and for bringing more opportunities here if at all possible. That may be a few years down the road, but I don’t see creativity or the open source community as a zero sum game. I know opportunities can be created here, I just might not be here to join in the creation of those opportunities.

My friend and I talked about the lack of a developer community here in Baton Rouge as opposed to Houston. Even New Orleans seems to have limited options when it comes to meetups or opportunities to meet and share ideas with other hackers. There is at least one pretty amazing place to work there, though, so they’ll be hearing from me soon. I’m hopping back to working on my portfolio so I’m going to end it here. See you tomorrow!