Birthday = quick blog post

It’s my birthday today, but I’m not really celebrating just yet. I’m still in hustle mode until that first job is secured, so I’m actually getting ready to go out and celebrate someone else’s birthday. Once I’m gainfully employed and those first few paychecks come in there will be much celebration and merriment.

But I’ve commited to blog daily, so here it is. I was looking up a quote I love to continue the theme of power and perseverance from yesterday and came across this quote from my list of favorites:

And most importantly, I must be a free spirit. I must unapologetically reveal my broken life as a thing of beauty. – Cornell West

I know Dr. West is a controversial figure to many, but he speaks the truth as he sees it, and I can always appreciate anyone who does that so consistently. One of the characteristics of Dr. West that I so love is that he considers himself as much a blues or soul man as a scholar or activist. He’s in touch with the sorrow and pain so many of us feel in a broken world and while prototypical bluesmen channel this into music, he channels it into rhetoric and philosophy.

But for this post that’s just some context. This quote could easily be the mission statement for this blog. So I will write these words now for myself, I must also unapologetically reveal my broken life as a thing of beauty.

I think most of you reading can see my life is being put back together, I’ll share some of the brokenness along way when I figure out how best to articulate my brokenness without necessarily articulating the brokenness of those around me.