Rest and Thankfulness

Day Four of the 10 Days to a Better Blog! challenge is to take some rest and reflect on what we’re thankful for. I jotted some things down, but I don’t want you to think my brevity is reflective of my level of appreciation for these topics. The first two especially have given me so much support and hope I can only scratch the surface. If you read any of it and think, “Hmm, I wonder if he’s talking about me?” the answer is: “Yes!!!”

**My Community**: I would be nowhere without my friends and family actively investing in my life, especially right now this very second. I’m in a season of redifining my life and taking the first steps out to beginning a new career, and a huge part of me being able to do that is due to my mom and stepdad, and some amazing friends providing me a place to write and code and learn and sleep.

**The Iron Yard**: I’ve just completed a 3 month web development bootcamp with them, thus the aforementioned life redefinition. I can’t understate how thankful I am for the tools I’ve learned from them, both in web development and in the way I learned what I am actually capable of producing and contributing. I was in a job that was less than fulfilling and looking at doctor-levels of student debt that I would not be able to pay off before retirement if I remained where I was. I’m still “in transition” as far as finding a new job and working to be debt free, but now I feel like it’s an actual possibility and that sense of hope is kind of amazing.

**Great Food!**: Alright, they don’t all have to be life-changing, haha. I’m currently in Louisiana, where good food is a religion. Whether it’s a great burger in Baton Rouge, or my favorite burrito place in New Orleans (where happy hour starts at 2:00PM), even simple  comfort food is crafted with a sense of pride. I wanted to write that it’s done with passion, but it’s such a foregone conclusion that what you eat should be amazing here it’s more just a part of the culture’s DNA than it is something they have to actively pursue.

I’m sure I’ll have more as soon as I hit the button, but I’m latching on to the idea of “rest” today and stopping here.