Hijacked by Blackjack! (and other Yarder stuff)

This weekend was filled with our second lab (with a little time for football Saturday, of course). I kept hacking away at it from so many different angles and still got it to maybe 85% done. My lack of prior coding experience shows up every now and then in these situations where there’s one or two pieces of the puzzle I’m still missing to put it all together.

On the one hand, if I would have given myself too much time to think about completely uprooting my life and striking out in a new direction I probably wouldn’t have done it. With that said, I could probably given myself a couple of extra weeks haha. I’ve used this analogy a couple of times recently, but I feel like I’m in the fourth grade and kindergarten simultaneously. Some times, I’m right on target and can jump right in. Other times… not so much.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.27.49 PM

This afternoon/evening I’ll be working on this, my blackjack lab assignment and also building a website. Everybody made one yesterday, so this will give us experience with alternate ways of building. Yep, in the Iron Yard, you learn to just make a website in a few minutes from your terminal using Middleman and with a few different programs like Bourbon. It’s kind of bad-ass. I’m not bad-ass at it, just yet, but the actual process is pretty bad-ass.


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