Day 7: Checking In

It’s day 7 total, and day 2 with our full-time instructor Jesse. He’s moving pretty quickly, but I feel like I’m getting it. He’s also more of a “lecturer” so I find myself taking a lot more physical notes than last week. Last week JB would kind of go step-by-step in the text editor where Jesse seems to be focusing more on us getting the big concepts and he’ll push the code/notes he’s writing up to GitHub online so we can review.

I am getting into a rhythm of lecture/homework/read about ruby and bigger coding concepts. I had a little bit of prep here and there, but it still feels like I came in with zero experience. I read a few former bootcamper blogs before I started the program and a common theme is how you have to relearn how to learn, and really even how to think.

Computers are actually dumb. As the rule goes: “They only do what you tell them to do, not what you want them to do.” I’m finding probably my biggest issue right now is in making intuitive leaps that my computer can’t follow. I’m also the worst about reading implied instructions in our homework assignments that aren’t really there.

I love a good conversation. I love nuance and clarification and addendum. My computer does not. It just wants me to boil down each step into its most basic component.

My homework also is usually asking me to reflect that I understood the concepts of the day and can restate them. They’re usually not asking me to pull something completely out of my butt and create methods and arrays I would have no way of creating. This is just a good reminder for me to slow down every now and again, even with the frantic pace of the course, and focus on what’s right in front of me. I’m usually more of a “big picture” person, so this is a little against the grain, but why else am I here if not to learn new SKILLS???


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