But How Will I Know Where the “Ritzy” Neighborhoods Are?


As if I hadn’t given myself enough to do, a lot of this week has been devoted to finding my way around Houston. It’s actually growing on me. Everyone I’ve met so far has been pretty laid back and helpful. There is definitely a level of wealth here that is a little crazy, though, too. The three-story Restoration Hardware may be a bit much, but hey, who am I to judge?

I’m definitely not putting the cart before the horse, but there don’t seem to be a ton of Ruby-related jobs in Baton Rouge or even New Orleans. I could be wrong, but that’s what some cursory job-hunting has told me. So, I’m thinking long and hard about Houston, not just for the next three months, but possibly the next few years as well. I’m not tied down to any particular region/city, either, so I’ll go wherever I can get a job.

I’ve already found a great coffee shop for when I need a change of scenery and the promise of Torchy’s Tacos made the move to Houston all that more enticing. Who knows where I’ll end up? It’ll be interesting to see what happens for sure, but if I end up in Houston for little while, that’ll be alright with me.


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