Still in the weeds

Well, I’m less in the weeds, but still in them for sure. It’s about 9:30 pm and I’m about to turn in, which is rare for me. We’re learning classes and setting up methods within those classes, and I am stuck on one last piece of the puzzle. Today was another day of dealing with life-logistics, too.

My MacBook Air has been freezing for a while and after a visit to the Apple Store it turns out there’s something actually wrong with it. They’ll fix it for free, but it will be gone for a week, which is not really an option. But it’s also not an option to have a machine that keeps freezing. So, I dipped into my emergency fund and got a new laptop.

Most of my afternoon/evening was spent resetting everything up in Git and making sure everything was downloaded to the new computer and any personal information was off of the old computer. I got confused with some wording on the homework and just figured out I was working on the wrong issue. I think I’m going to talk to my pillow about this and go in early tomorrow to grind this out.


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