Wax On Wax Off pt1

I named this post “pt1” because I think I’ll come back to this concept a LOT. JB gave us the illustration on the first day and I definitely feel like tiny Ralph Macchio discovering the power was in his ability to slavishly do what he was told all along. Kind of like magic things started clicking together in my brain today. I know I made this point yesterday, but time really does feel accelerated and Monday seems like a distant memory.

Our homework tonight was basically to repeat last night’s homework, but without referring to previous work, notating almost every line to illustrate we understand what we’re doing, and also pushing it out to Git from the command line. A few days ago, I would have felt like that’s something I would have to do carefully for fear of completely destroying my computer in the process. For people without hacking backgrounds, the terminal can feel like you’re off the edge of the map, expecting to see that “Here There Be Dragons” sign at any moment.

I definitely had to look in my notes from the past two days for tonight’s homework, but mainly because I didn’t completely get it last night. I finally had to just pack it up last night so I could go back to Cypress (where I’m staying for the next few months and NOT close to downtown Houston) so I could make a WalMart run and just take care of the logistics of moving your life one state over with 2 1/2 weeks’ notice. Maybe Saturday I’ll talk more about the move and the why behind it all.

But for tonight, it was wax on, wax off. Repetition is breeding recognition and comprehension is slowly creeping in as well. Again, I say “slowly” but it’s only day THREE! I guess that’s just how I feel right now, like I’ve been slogging through these concepts for a while, when in reality I’ve just dipped my pinky toe in the ruby water.


2 thoughts on “Wax On Wax Off pt1”

  1. Wayyyyj! This is awesome. So excited and so thankful. You are loved, prayed for, and cheered on in Baton Rouge!

    How many blog posts can I reply to before I get put on stalker alert?

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